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  The Rest is Noise  
Art Direction: Jingfeng Fang & Mi Dong
Cruation: Lynn Zhang
Artists: Piotr Niepsuj(Photographs), Huishu Jia(Installation), Tommaso Di Cimmo(Video), Triple-Major Studio
31 May-31 July - Opens 3-6pm Sun. 31st May 2015
Triple-Major Shanghai 25 ShaoXing Road

Noise is enjoyable, almost pleasant when one is absorbed into a focused and meditative state of mind. It is a mind of clarity, knowing what one is capable of, and doing it in a most confident way. It names an enduring, basic human impulse to fulfill a task and do it well for its own sake.

It is the state of mind when a photographer is about to shut the lens; when an illustrator creates by living in the imagined world, or a programmer orchestrates the keyboard like a traffic police dictating the crossroads. The beauty of it is shared among all people.

Driven by the curiosity to explore these condensed minds and a simple desire to create a beautiful exhibition, we put together this selection of moments from Piotr Niepsuj, Huishu Jia, Tommaso Di Ciommo and Triple Major Studio that shouts “The Rest is Noise”.

The Rest is Noise-Poster.jpg

Huishu Jia, on the other hand, takes noise literally and manipulated it into a poetic installation which catch the visitors at surprise. The site-specific installation that she created for the space uncovered the amplified experience of the building - the noise it makes each day.

Written by Lynn Zhang
Carpet is available for order (/customize), please contact me for any request: huishu.jia@gmail.com
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