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I am fascinated by London's iconic architecture elements all around the city, from spiral staircases to narrow hallways, from tube tunnels to travelators. The rich history and diverse culture provide the city a numbers of stunning and unique architectural features. Some of them we come across with everyday, we are living in or using it. While, some others are hidden in somewhere of the city waiting for us to explore. I collected those iconic architectural elements around us, which have physics effect on people to design an impossible architecture. During the process of collecting them I realised how many beautiful things are around us but we too occupied by modern life to take time to appreciate them.
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Impossible Architecture-Monument

Spiral Staircase - The Monument


202 Feet (61 Metres)


  Impossible Architecture-Covent Garden   Impossible Architecture-Covent Garden  


Spiral Staircase - Covent Garden

193 Steps

Equivalent to a 10 storey building


Impossible Architecture-Tulip Spiral Staircase

Tulip Spiral Staircase - Royal Observatory Greenwich

First geometric self-supporting spiral staircases in Britain

Impossible Architecture Impossible Architecture
Spiral Staircase - Peter Jones


  Impossible Architecture-Hampstead   Impossible Architecture-Hampstead  


Spiral Staircase - Hamstead Station

320 Steps

Deepest Tube Station


Impossible Architecture-Exhibit-01
Impossbible Architecture-Exhibite


Spiral Staircase - Exhibit

Narrowest Spiral Staircase in London

Impossible Architecture-City Hall
Spiral Walkway & Staircase - City Hall


Impossible Archiecture


Revolving Door - City Hall

an Unusual Pair of Revolving Doors

Impossible Architecture-Angel


Tallest Escalator on the London Underground System

197 Feet (60m)

Vertical 90 Feet (27m)

Impossible Architecture-Angel
Narrow Staircase - Bank


Impossible Architecture-Waterloo


Travelator - Waterloo Underground Station

Longest Travelator on London Underground System

140 Metres Long

Impossible Architecture-DLR
Railway - DLR
Impossible Architecture-Greenwich Foot Tunnel
Narrow Tunnel - Greenwich Foot Tunnel
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